Northeast Triangle


12/1/15- Drove to Acadia National Park, arrived the day half the park closed for winter. The east coast has a lot of rules and restrictions compared to the west coast, but being in Maine felt familiar to how I felt in Oregon. Spent 3 hours driving slowly along backroads in freezing rain until we arrived in a logging town 20 miles from the Canadian border. Stayed in a hotel called the White Wolf Inn.

12/2/15- Woke up early and drove around the town, spoke to a woman collecting bottles who told me this place was the last stop on her train. 


12/3/15- Stayed with our friend Sean Mundy in Montreal. Sean took us to an abandoned orphanage in the countryside. On our way back we found an abandoned church that had a graveyard.

New York

12/4/15- Found an abandoned amusement park in Upstate.